Internship with Nav Chetna

The Internship at Nav Chetna is an experience which will help the person in many ways in his/her professional career. The internship program is designed in a holistic way to provide good opportunity to intern to go through the complete know how of social development sector and the area chosen by the intern.

Interns play an important role when working at NGOs, which are often not as fully staffed as the private sector. This means there are countless opportunities for an intern to grow and make real contributions to their workplace, while also preparing for their own career. Though NGOs are often open to hiring people from a variety of educational backgrounds, a vital part to landing a job at an NGO is having related work experience. An NGO internship will prove your dedication and strength of character and will not go unnoticed by future employers. Experience has shown us that the efficiency of our projects is a lot higher when its interns feel at comfort. Therefore, we put extra effort in creating a positive and relaxed working climate that feels welcoming for all.

Areas of Internship

The NGO internships we provide span all sectors, ranging from Human Rights to Animal Welfare. We have previously placed interns in NGOs concerned with Community Development, Healthcare and Sustainability as well as Environmental Development NGOs. In all of our voluntary roles you will have an important part to play and your efforts will be greatly appreciated. Following are some areas where you can do your internship.
  • Importance of informal education at primary level.
  • Dynamics of Integrated Village Development.
  • Health care in Rural & Tribal Bharat.
  • Integrated Village Development.
  • Ecommerce in NGO.
  • Non Governmental Management system.
  • Digital Marketing of NGO.
  • Laws applicable for NGO.

Frame-Work of Internship

The Internship will start with one week orientation of Nav Chetna System and sensitization to work with rural / tribal communities
  • Next one week will be to develop concept paper on chosen topic along with structure of the report and formats for primary data collection based on the field visit.
  • 15 Days on the field for research and primary data collection.
  • 15 Days to prepare the draft report, presentation, approval & final report.

Final Report Structure

  • The Total length of the Report should be minimum 50 pages.
  • The report must be written in English or Hindi.
  • The report should be based on the primary and secondary data.
  • Only those reports will be accepted where the complete frame-work is followed by the Intern.

Former Interns

With Nav Chetna, I gained experience in almost every aspect of my life and it helped me to orientate myself for the future
Nav Chetna in a nutshell: dynamic and personal. Dynamic because you’re eager to learn and always open to new ideas, and personal because I never felt like a number.
Nav Chetna made me realize that I want to apply for a job in this sector. Especially my time in the Amazon made me very enthusiast ic for anthropological work
Friendship for life

The working environment of Nav Chetna has been the source of special friendships more than once. This is because we tend to hang out and make fun together after work. You´ll get so familiar and close with your fellow volunteers that the ties you have built with them in Ecuador will often continue to exist when you return home.

  • Make your decision

    In order to make a well-considered decision, it is essential that you are well-informed by our organization. Our Internship Coordinator will inform you about everything you need to know. Via Skype, you can meet our team in Nav Chetna.

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  • Get ready

    Once you have clarified the internship assignment, it is important that you are well prepared before you travel. This is not only a welcome relief for you, but for your home front as well. Our team will help you to get ready for the adventure.

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  • Onwards to Nav Chetna

    In Nav Chetna you will be picked up at the airport by our Quito team; a special mix of international professionals, on which you always can rely.

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