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  • reproductive-and-child-health-rch-program

    Reproductive and Child-Health (RCH) Program

    – To reduce maternal and mortality improve health of pregnant women, young children, adolescents, promote family planning and reduce female feticides rate. – Awareness programme for breast feeding, Provide training to doctors, nurses and medical teachers for different aspects of breast feeding. The training imparted by experts in the field

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  • educationvocational-training

    Education/Vocational Training

    – To create economic opportunities for survivors equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become financially independent. – The other aim is to reclaiming children who drop out of school at primary level, through grooming and motivated by dedicated volunteers. – Promote support/care or free education to disable

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  • animal-and-environment-protection

    Animal and Environment Protection

    The cow is a symbol of the Earth, the Nourisher, the ever giving, undemanding provider. The cow represents life and the sustenance of the life. Just as a liberated soul gives freely of his spiritual knowledge, so too does this gentle and generous animal who takes nothing more than water,

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  • communicable-diseases

    Communicable Diseases

    To work for communicable diseases prevention and protection of general public.

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  • rural-development

    Rural Development

    – To examine and analyse the factors contributing to the improvement of economic and social well-being of people in rural areas on a sustainable basis with focus on the rural poor and the other disadvantaged groups through research, action research and consultancy efforts. – To facilitate the rural development efforts

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  • care-for-disabledspecial-children

    Care for Disabled/Special Children

    – Promote various methods of preventing disabilities sponsor or cause to be sponsored awareness campaigns and is disseminated to cause to be disseminated information for general hygiene, health and sanitation. – Take measure for prenatal, parental and post natal care of mother and child. – Educate the public through the

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