Why choose .ngo & .ong?

Why choose .ngo & .ong?

Validated domains for non-governmental organizations.

The main benefits are as follow:-

Global Reach: .ngo and .ong are sold as a package. This packaged domain name solution allows you to register your name in both Romance and non- Romance languages simultaneously.

For Trust: .ngo and .ong are exclusively available to the NGO community, requiring validation for local, national and global NGOs. It distinguishes and validated organization.

For Validation: .ngo & .ong are only available to genuine NGOs.

For Visibility: After holding .ngo & .ong domain name, you are automatically entered into OnGood online NGO directory, which includes a customizable online profile for your organization.

Ref. https://pir.org/products/ngo-ong-domain/

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