Panchgavya Internship Mahmoud

Panchgavya Internship Mahmoud

Here we are presenting the project report of Mr. Mahmoud Abdelati Farghly Ameen Mohamed Student at faculty of pharmacy Cairo University Eyzpt for his internship done at Nav Chetna NGO Chandigarh Branch. According to his opinion Panchgavya is :

“ environment is a source of most drugs we use today if we increasing efficacy through manufacturing processes or making advanced generations of many drugs but still the lead source which use it in treating most of our disease.

But I ask if this natural products (panchagavya) was enough to treat these diseases so why we have to use this manufacturing drugs? maybe these products are not known by people outside India or maybe just helping in treating disease but not a curable one.

and obviously these products did not have enough scientific evidences to prove its safety or efficacy just make some experiments on animals and some tissues but there is a procedure we should follow it if we want to improve efficacy of this products there is many phases should do to check safety and efficacy before used by humans.

I know that these products have many benefits through their elements or ingredients but they are not able to use it to treating or be a real drug in treating diseases.

Although these products have not enough scientific evidence but I think this natural products have a many secrets can help humidity as it was used in ancient India and still now more Indian people are believe in.

I think Indian government and other scientists in world should be interesting with this natural product, maybe someday we discover drugs for some diseases we cannot treat them till now.

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